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Every one hates to wait and when it comes to me, I would rather not use computer than to stay dumb in front of computer wondering when it will starts. Over the internet, you may came across many softwares that guarantee to increase your computer speed tremendously but few end up charging you money and few turn out to be the spam. So, here we have listed few simple methods  and spam free softwares at no cost. Methods include  few tricks that would noticeably reduce the time that computer takes to boot.:

1. windows Start up changes

Go to run and type msconfig. It will open system configuration. Click on the Startup tab.

There you will see a list of programs. Programs that are checked loads immediately soon after the windows start. In case large list of checked program, windows will considerably consume the boot time. So, start up  programs that doesn’t seem to be important and unnecessary can be unchecked. But its better to keep anti virus, firewall keep running on. And when you are done modifying, click ok and you will be asked to reboot.

If you want to get it done more simply, I recommend you to use anti-frustration softwareSoluto which I believe as one of the coolest software ion the web to get your job done in transparent and very impressive way.

2. windows service changes

When rebooting is done again, open the configuration utility and click on the tab services(left side of start up tab).

At  the bottom of this there you will find check box  “Hide a ll Microsoft services”. Check the box to see the list of  applications that can be removed. Now, take your time and remove unnecessary programs , else any wrong click will cause you a boot problem.

3. Disable the windows animated logo

Although disabling the animated logo wont make much difference, you can simply disable the logo by opening system configuration utility.

1. Check on NO GUI boot.

2. Click ok.

and reboot the computer.

4. Maintaining the number of Fonts

It may surprise you but  the numbers of fonts installed in your computer do make some difference to your computer’s booting  time because fonts installed in computer has to be loaded when windows starts . The more the numbers of fonts in your computer, the more time it takes for your computer to boot. Even though its safe to have about 1000 fonts,  I still suggest you to maintain your fonts around 400-500.

Steps to maintain fonts.

1. Go to  my computer.

2. Disk where you have installed windows.

3. Go to windows and then to font. Make a back up or copy of that to some where else and delete from the font folder.

Note:- Remember you can simply install the font again by simply copying the font and pasting it inside the window’s font folder

5. Disk Cleanup, Scan disk, and De fragmentation

Like any other things even the hard drive in our computer needs regular maintenance. Maintenance in a sense means regularly cleaning up unnecessary file, scanning and fragmenting.

Follow the following steps:-

1.Right click on the hard drive you have installed the windows.

2. Click on the properties.

3. Under the tab tools there is a check now button.

4. After clicking  on the button, a window will appear where you may want to check the boxes to “‘Automatically Fix File errors” and “Scan for and Attempt Recovery for Bad sectors“.

5. Next click on clean up under the General tab,which calculates the amount of files to be removed. You can delete the unnecessary file by placing a check mark.

6. After that click on the Defragment now under the tools tab.

7. Click on the drive you wish to defragment.Click on analyze and then on Defragment(The process may take some time).

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