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I guess the owners of Colors Xfator Shine mobile  has really been frustrated about our world famous low internal memory issue of the mobile. As the internal memory of colors xfactor shine mobile is just 167mb, it’s really has been a hard task for the users to install the apps and so on. So last time i just posted the tutorial on how to root the colors xfactor shine mobile.

Now, lets move on to the next tutorial. This is all about how to increase the internal memory and how to install lots and lots of apps that will make you happy and proud of carrying colors mobile. The basic thing is, I guess you all know about the app Link2SD. Link2SD is the application for moving apps to sd card for the unrooted phone but it just moves the apk files to sd card and leave other files such as cache files, dalvic file and library files on phone memory. The question arises here, even if i move the internal memory is still low. I’ve got the solution for you here. Now that you’ve rooted your phone (If you haven’t rooted your phone click here). so that you can move all files even moving widgets and the unmoveable applications to the 2nd partition of your SD card that we’ll be learning how to create the 2nd partion here.

This is the step by step tutorial for using Link2SD on this particular mobile. Lets go ahead without waiting.

  • Download this tool Mini Tool Partition Wizard Manager.  HERE.
  • Insert your SD card to a card reader and open it on your computer.
  • Back up all your files to the computer because partitioning will erase all your data.
  • Open Mini Tool in your computer. Locate your SD card (be careful in choosing and make sure not to choose the drive of your computer, Generally your sd card drive will be shown at the last row. )

link2sd 3

  • Right click and choose Delete.
  • Right click on it again and choose Create New. Create “FAT32″ partition (This is where all your media files will go. Be sure to make it bigger than the 2nd part. Mine is 6.44gb)

link2sd 4

  • Select “Create as: PRIMARY
  • Select “File System: FAT32
  • Then click ok
  • Once Again for storing apps. This is where your apps will go. Previously, I’ve set my memory to 6.44gb to store all media files. So, this time i have 1gb coz our memory is of 7.44 gb. (You can insist upto 2gb.)
  • And This time Select “Create as: PRIMARY
  • Select “File System: Ext2
  • Make sure that it is both set to primary because it will not work if it is not set to primary)link2sd 5
  • Now Click the “Apply” button on the top left corner and wait for it to finish the process. Done.
  • Put back your SD card to your phone and switch it on.
  • Now the partition process is complete.
  • Next, Download and install Link2sd from Google Play Store.
  • Open Link2sd. You will be prompted to choose between ext2, ext3, ext4 and FAT32. Select ext2link2sd 6
  • It will say mount script created. Reboot your phone now.
  • Reboot your phone. (Rebooting might be slow depending on your partitioned memory if it’s 2gb then it’s quite slow, it’s 512mb  or 1 gb then it’s okay.  )
  • Open link2sd and if the message doesn’t show up, then you seems to be successful.
  • Go to Link2sd>Settings>check the autolink (to automatically move apps upon installation)
  • If you already have some apps, select “move to phone” then after moving select “Create Link” (be sure to check the three files: app, dalvic-cache and library files)

link2sd 2link2sd

  • To check your memory, select “Storage Info”. This will show you the current state of your internal memory, FAT32, and ext2 partition.

link2sd 7

  • Now you’re done and ready to install vast amount of applications as you wish! Happy Partitioning.

Note: If anything seems to be wrong then Reset  your phone, install link2sd then create link one by one.

Process of resetting your phone

1. Volume Down + Power Button

2. Chinese Alphabets will appear select the fourth option moving controlled by volume down button.

3. Home button.

4. Wait till it starts the phone.

Via NoypiGeeks

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