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What's This?

Heeeyyyyy yo! Are you among the one in 728 ideas, 150 ideas already got selected. For those of you keeping track, this is our 2nd Ncell appcamp 2015 in Nepal!

As always, ncellappcamp have 4 categories and this time they are games/entertainment, health, tourism, and utilities.

Without further ado, here are all the ideas:

  1. 8byte/ Routemandu
    Suggestion of a route and its costs
  2. <Dammi!>
    An app that allows tourists to search for and book budget rooms/travel packages under a standardized and trusted brand. (Eg: Dammi! rooms/deals)
  3. Aama
    It is an app to disseminate information and save lives of expected mothers.
  4. Agile/Cosmic
    A game to ride bike in supersonic speed!
  5. Ajambari
    App that makes tourists familiar with Nepali culture (dress, food, festivals, dance and music).
  6. Alexia
  7. Ancients of Mandala
    A location based RPG allowing players to discover, persuade and level-up the ancient spirits after battling them from their allocated co-ordinates.
  8. Arcube Games & Animation
    A 3D Endless Runner Game based on Social, Cultural, Political and Natural aspects of Nepal.
  9. Baas (HomeStayNepal)
    Location specific peer-to-peer short term homestay service for internal and external tourist(a Community
  10. Be Back
    App that allows people with hearing disability to contact specific persons through mobile.
  11. BhansaGhar
    BhansaGhar is an app which allows the users to get necessary kitchen supplies delivered in their doors; Water Jar, LPG (cooking) gas and grocery items
  12. Birds of Nepal
    App would allows bird watchers to get the information about all the birds that are found in Nepal and allows to create note of bird watching trip
  13. Bitknit
    An app to solve all the problems related to buses in Nepal. 🙂
  14. Blood Bank Nepal
    App to increase blood donors in nepal to provide immediate access of required blood type nearby.
  15. BloodMobile
    App that lets you request blood and locate donors, hospitals, donation camps on map, register for donation events and directly make a call.
  16. Book easy
    App that let user to check for events, plays, movies and other entertainment activities happening around you and book and
  17. Brick Fall
    Brick fall is a android game in which a user tries to build a towers of bricks falling from above. user needs to balance the tower from falling.
  18. Bulletin Board (Quiddity)
  19. Chronicle
    Accounting for individual to keep track of daily and overall financial transactions and help maintain ones economy.
  20. Code 4 Change
    You can hire any two wheelers and four wheelers through app.
  21. Comic Sans
    Comic Sans provides readers with interactive comic reading experience & artists with a different level of digital comic making platform.
  22. CrossWord
    Our favourite childhood game, Crossword, is now in our android smartphone and we can challenge our brain against our mobile’s processor.
  23. DinnerWare
    App to know nearby restaurants and their amazing deals and events you always wanted to go.
  24. Dirghayu
    Dirghayu app will provide complete s
  25. Doctor Connect
    Our app is based on the use of IT for public health, our aim is to virtually connect end-users and professional doctors for consulting their problems.
  26. Doctor Nahuda
    Apps helps to get solution of the diseases when/where there is no doctor or before reach to the doctor.
  27. Dristi
    An app that uses camera function to diagnose STD, eye and skin diseases and highly private consult with recommend highly qualified doctors instantly.
  28. Drop Me Here -my Cab.
    Drop me here is all to call taxi at your location.Cab solution in kathamandu valley.
  29. Dustbin Scorer VR
    A Virtual Reality game played using Google Cardboard where the user throws paper balls in a virtual envir
  30. Easy Office
    This application will help the users to find necessary information required in order to complete their work in governmental offices of Nepal
  31. Eclipse
    App that creates visually appealing, distinct & artistic pictures by processing the sounds and words dear to you, using a unique formula.
  32. eco commerce
    An e-commerce app which plant a tree after every certain successful purchase made by a customer.
  33. eDoctor
    connect with doctor.
  34. EDU_QUIZ
    Learning With Fun
  35. Empericist
    Our main idea is to create a game which can also be played by disabled people (like those who are visually impaired).
  36. EPCI
    Provide access to available nearest EPCI E=Electrician, P=Plumber, C=Cable, I=Internet at MVP stage and expanding service providers later. App Flow
  37. Eureka
    App to book all travelling needs from verified vendors to make your visit hassle-free; notify you the latest update on selected events.
  38. Eventronix
    App to keep you notified about various events happening in the country
  39. Experience Nepal – Travel Guide
    The ultimate travel guide/organizer for Nepal.
  40. F-Book
    Apps that lets users to find best books (best writer’s book) for their levels(Loksewa,Bachelor,Master,+2,etc) available in the market with price.
  41. Figaro
    An app that creates the best user experience for working with financial data, one that empowers people to ask and answer complex investment questions
  42. Find Me
    Tourist do
  43. First Aid Droid
    An android application that provides information on how to perform the required first aid in different situations.
  44. Flipped
    A platform-adventure video game in a world of “mirrors” which when crossed leads to alternate realities with conflicting gravities.
  45. Food Tour
    App that focuses on the beauty and diversity of foods in Nepal to attract and ensure domestic and foreign tourists’ tour to be tasty.
  46. foodNepal
    App that lets food loving tourists know about different cuisines of Nepal, specific to culture and region along with their history(if any) and recipe.
  47. Forest Ranger
    Forest Ranger is a First Person Shooter 3D game where game character is a Forest Ranger who have to travel in a forest and defend it from poachers.
  48. Gantabya (Destination)
    An app that recommends the tourists with the places depending upon their mood and affordability, then guide them in every possible way to get there.
  49. GhumNepal
    GhumNepal will allow people to know about various places focusing on unrecognized ones and to establish communication among tourists worldwide
  50. Guess That Song
    Musical game that challenges you to identify songs based on short audio clips or some facts.
  51. Hamro Hospital
    It is a reliable app providing detail information about hospitals and doctors with appoinment facility.
  52. Happy Pregnancy
    Provides with in-depth knowledge on pregnancy for both parents, precautions needed to be taken and steps to be followed during the peroid.
  53. Health Info
    App to get complete information on Hospital, Doctors, Medical Labs & their offers with price comparison for brands of medicine and Pharmacy.
  54. HealthCheck
    App to keep track and remind people of the immunizations and medical check ups,provide information about those and pro
  55. HealthGuide
    A patients handbook with health profile, hospitals-doctors search, appointments, recommendations, locations, statistics, reminders & many more.
  56. Healthy Nepali
    This app will create an open platform for asking teenage problems and getting appropriate solution and tips from respective experts.
  57. HelloDoctor
    Hello Doctor is a mobile app that empowers people to control their health.
  58. Here I Go
    This app contain already made packages(Static) of different travel agency and along with this user can also make their own package(Dynamic).
  60. Hire A Guide
  61. Homemade
    Homemade helps every homemaker in the country become an entrepreneur by allowing them to use their kitchen as an a
  62. Homestay Nepal
    Helps connect local/foreign tourists with local residency.
  63. Hospital Sewa
    Our “Hospital Sewa is a android app provide all hospital details
  64. hybrid tracker
    Track any person who are trekking or on a way to climb mountains and those who are trapped in a place where they can lose life.
    It is a kind of family private network application where family member can communicate with each other and can trace their family member location
  66. IN-OUT
    In-out is a multiplayer game, where a IN,OUT call requires you to stay inside, outside the cirlce respectively.
  67. innovatives
  68. IRUSH / Nalapani
    Nalapani is MMO(massively multiplayer online), PvP, platformer(2D) and action game, depicting one of our historical battlefields.
  69. Jellified
    A cute, addictive, jellicious platform game where players help the cute little Bubby find his magical Jelly in jellyish land.
  70. Junkiri
    Considering the shy nature or feeling offended to share about the sexual related problems(specially females) this app will help them.
  71. Lampsoft Designers / Unnamed (VR)
    First person 3d survival horror game withvirtual reality mode included.
  72. Leezard Entertainment / Kathmandu Racer
    Feel the excitement of true nepali racing game!!!!!!!
  73. Let’s Go Together
    An app which connects the person in need of a ride with a driver/rider with their own vehicle who has common route as the user
  74. Level It Up(LIU)
    LIU is a 3d physics based game where the user is stucked in a level with necessary items within the level to solve the puzzle and move onto next.
  75. Lexicon
    This Vocabulary based game helps students prepare for exams such as SAT, GRE and GMAT.
  76. Licence Nepal
    app that helps intrested people get a driving license by informing schedule, location and provide enough knowledge to pass the driving license exam
  77. Lishn
    Lishn is a music streaming platform where users get acces to free legal music and artists get paid for every time their song is played.
  78. Me&MyGuide
    An app that creates the direct connection between a tourist and a guide.
  79. Medi APP
    Price and information(Ingredients) medicine for,address of pharmacies and hospitals(if possible even online register) near you.
  80. Medical Network
    A multi-user app to create a network among patient and doctors..
    App to create a medical forum and enable medical staffs to upload medical history of patients or queries in that forum to seek assistance.
  82. Mero Physiotherapists
    App that will help users seeking physiotherapists
  83. Mero Song
    An android app which helps to record your voice with track of your favourite songs.
  84. MeroHealth
  85. MLYD(My Locality Your Destination)
    It is an idea that promotes our local tourist places so that more tourist will come to visit their local places that are unknown for tourists.
  86. Mosquito Swatter
    MOSQUITO SWATTER will be a fun casual game in which the player has to prevent the mosquito from drinking blood by swatting them before it is too late
  87. Mumma-Care
    This app collects information,disseminates data and sends reminders to ensure safe and effective maternal and child health care.
  88. Naari
    An app for HER (and anybody who cares for her) that will help her through every steps of her womanhood.
  89. Nepal Express
    App to find the information about the nearby transportation routes and vehicles and cost for the service.
  90. Nepali Coders/Arts & Crafts
    Arts and Craft is a simple app where brief details about any handcraft product of Nepal will be listed along with the location where they can find it.
  91. Nepali Handicraft
    Providing a medium to buy the original nepali product with minimum price
  92. Nidarr
    Nidarr is a self help app designed to provide secure and private platform to report gender based violence and access needed information instantly.
  93. NTyles
    All in one real time news app.
  94. Occasion
    Occasion is an app that has notifies users of upcoming event and has templates where user can choose to create semi-custom card for such occasion.
  95. Organo Food
    Shows the list of places for tourists where they can eat organic foods.
  96. Out Today
    Find a perfect place to eat or go out based on your location, budget, day, time and weather.
  97. Paalo
    App to manage waiting time in queue so that both the waiting party and serving party can benefit.
  98. Pangraz
    Help people find a vehicle for hire based on gps location: TAXI, TRUCKS, MINI VANS, CARS, PICKUPS, TOUR BUS, ESCAVATOS, TANKERS, TRACTORS, BIKE, MTB
  99. patha(पथ)
    A social app for Tourists which allows to connect and communicate to tourists, people, villages, hotels nearby.
  100. Patient’s Diagonis Register
    This application is used to add patient’s diagonis detail data instead of using paper which can be more efficent and safe for data storing.
  101. PinPeaks
    Point your camera to a mountain and get related information about it or locate
  102. Policy Nepal
    Allow user to campare insurance policy
  103. Prayash – प्रयास
    Plea different facilites for patients undergoing different medical condition and help them generate campaigns and organizational interests.
  104. Psyclotron/Let’s Kite
    MMO strategy game for mobile platform based on realtime kite-flying promoting kite flying culture.
  105. purpleMaze
    A mobile version of the classic Ball in a Maze game in which player guides ball to centre of the maze using mobile motions.
  106. Quiz Nepal
    Competitive challenging brainy game, from simple GK to tricky questions to coding challenges
  107. Rakchhyak
    App that will find the nearest blood donor or blood bank in case of emergency.
  108. Readers CLub
    Create social network of avid book readers to recommend and exchange books among themselves.
  109. Readers Nepal
    A place for all book lovers to share thier experience with any book, trade and sell the book they own with other book enthusiast.
  110. RecycIT
    RecycIT provides ideas to users on recycling domestic wastes and ultimately promotes recyling.
  111. Recycle Up!
    Creative ideas, methods and ways to come up to recycle and reuse our waste product & utilities & possibly monetize or economize them.
  112. religiousnepal
    Provides whole guide to all religious places of nepal
  113. Remind Me
    An app that alert notification before you cross your destination.
  114. RentMandu
    A solution to find and provide a place to rent.
  115. Restaurant Order Bill
    App to take order, pass it to the Chef for preparing the dishes and preparing the bill in a Restaurant.
  116. Restro-Nepal
  117. Safe and Secure Tourism
    It is an android app that will trace tourist and verify their safety in cases like: lost, alive or dead, kidnapped, etc.
  118. Sahiyogi Haat
    an application to help people in need(Your loved ones, or those registered in our app) during time of emergency and also make yourself save.
  119. Sangi
    “Sangi acts as a health assistance for women regarding their major health issues and concerns including pregnancy
  120. School2Parents
    School2Parents is the mobile app solution for communication between school administration and parents.
  121. Skin Consult
    Diagnose and treat skin diseases through pictures posted in the app with few information including parient particulars, symptoms.
  122. Slide the rings down 🙂
    This is a game that lets the user to slide the coloured rings in a pole opposing the force of the water with the help of pressure of air bubble.
  123. SmartBaby/BathoBachcha
    Teach your growing kids fundamental things(for example ABCD,123)and many more in a smart and interactive way through graphics, animation and much.
    Chatting?But lost for words?Try snipchat! send snippets of songs,dialogues,awkward moments,viral & trending posts & trolls.
  125. Span Studio/ Chemistry 101
    An edutainment game that familiarize with the basics of chemical reaction/composition by letting them play the game which enhances their concept.
  126. SpeakShala
    Pronounce the given English word or sentence correctly and score the points.
  127. Sur Sangeet
    Sur Sangeet is an app where you can download or even upload your best nepali songs collection.
  128. Swasthya Tipot
    App that keep track of all the medical report of the person along with the hospital and doctor info on every checkup.
  129. Team Coders
    An appplication that will allow user to store their personal medical history.
  130. Team D!KE
    MedAlert – A livesaving mobile app that alerts you to intake and/or purchase your medicine on time!
  131. Techno-Cloud
    Provide service to general public by providing information about different hospitals/clinics with location and various first aid informations.
  132. Tele Medic
    Bridging the distance barrier between doctor & patient
  133. Textify – Aakaar
    It extracts text from real world objects while maintaining its structure and provides actions according to the context
  134. The Innovatives
    LegalRacer, the Racing App that allows the player to travel around after completing the built-in driving liscense trials.
  135. Thingsle
    Todo list for your travel experience
  136. TourMates
    Conneting enuthisiastic local youths with tourists,
  137. Trade Nepal
    Fantasy stock market game that simulates live trading stocks, options and commodities of Nepal.
  138. Trail It
    An app that creates trail as you travel, share it and if you enjoyed reading somebody else’s trail then follow the trail for your next adventure
  139. Travel Junc.
    An app where you can create your travel profile with your experiences with people/places/culture,make friends and bring forward rare new destinations.
  140. Travel Pal
    Plan where you want to go and what you want to do in accordance to your budget.
  141. TreK Nepal
    This application allows user to choose tour package, hotels in accordance with their budgets comparing current price and book.
  142. Unit
    Unit app facilitate users to book hotel rooms anytime and anywhere throughout the count
  143. Up
    Up is a Single player game, in which the player has to clear the path by rotating the discs with a groove lurking around the trajectory of a balloon.
  144. Visit Nepal
    The app encourages/attract tourists to visit nepal and help them to find their tourist guide in Nepal.
  145. Visit Nepal
    Digital Platform to easily Connect Tourist & Agencies, local people. Motivate Tourist to visit and get affordable tour package at best price
  146. white sparrow
    This app is for groups of guys and girls who want to meet up with groups of opposite sex to party on a night out or enjoy new places together.
  147. YATRI
    Assist students in their visa application process and notification service of different events like seminar, competition, exhibition around the world.
  148. जलपरी
    जलपरी is a game where a girl runs to save the environment, teaching children healthy habits & ways solve environmental problem
  149. झारफुक
    In the absence of doctor,medicinal plants to meet primary health care needs .
  150. वाचक
    App that reads aloud Nepali texts (Devanagari script) obtained from any source.
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