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What's This?

First step to enter internet world is to protect your account from internet security and that’s simple as easy as you think. The password’s that is generated automatically from the softwares or you might say ftp password generator or anything random password generator might be difficult for you to remember. So, Today I’ve got some tips on how to set the password that will be easy to remember and secure.

Some of the important points to set secure password:

    • Mixing of phrase and numbers
    • Mixing Uppercase and lowercase alphabets
    • Get familiar with symbols, using symbols for example “0” (numeric zero) for “O” (alphabet o) and “$” for “S”
    • Using Abbreviations
    • Duplicate pronunciations of words for example ‘Lu\/2laf” for love to laugh “l<@thl\/lanDu” for kathmandu.

Things to neglect:

    • Don’t use password that you’ve seen somewhere set for example.
    • Don’t use password that is related to personalities. eg. (Date of birth, name etc.)
    • Don’t use Abbreviations which are in dictionary.
    • Don’t use sequencial alphabets or numbers that’s in keyboard such as “asdf” or “1234” or “uiop”
    • Don’t use a password that is only numbers or only lowercase alphabets or only uppercase alphabets.
    • Don’t repeate the alphabets example “aa11”.

Secrets to secure your password:

    • Don’t tell your password to your friends or anyone closest to you.
    • Don’t note it but keep it in mind.
    • Don’t use email or chat messengers to send your passwords.
    • Set your passwords and change often minimum in 2-3 months.

Check How secure is your password?

Click Here

Here is a tool for generating password though.

Password Generator

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